Let’s Carbon offset our flights

Booking a trip to the Alaska of blue water… or a one week adventure package to Costa Rica where you can see volcanoes while sipping on tea in the tree-houses… Imagine..    To get to any of these places there is almost always one common factor. The FLIGHT. The same mode of transportation, that took... Continue Reading →


Our diets and demand for food is one of the biggest factors of climate change!

I have been seeing a lot of sustainable agriculture and local food promotions lately. However, until I saw this video by Jonathan Foley I did not realize the impact my dietary choices was having on the planet! Fertilizers and pesticides end up in our water streams, and ground water sources through absorption and run off and... Continue Reading →

Stella Mc Cartney makes some Bol”t” moves!

Fascinating to see fashion powerhouses like Stella McCartney are making huge strides in walking down the runway while making it sustainable. Teaming up with Bolt Threads is another step in that direction. Bolt Threads is a SF based company that creates silk fiber in labs. The fashion industry is notorious for being highly chemical intensive and... Continue Reading →

Plastic bags are replacing leaves..

We have all seen plastic bags posing as leaves. How are these bags finding their way to the tree tops? They are there when we go grocery shopping-OBVIOUSLY when we go for picnics... when we go on a road trip.. in our homes.. at work! they accompany us on flights. they even show up on beaches!!! Is it... Continue Reading →

Price we pay for the WOW factor!

  The feeling while landing on a runway at night and soaking in the beautiful sight of the new city. Trying to learn and understand the landscape,the suburbs, the inner city all from which area glows brighter. Next time we soak in the wow factor there is a few things we should consider, that we... Continue Reading →

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